The ”Career Booster” is a compact program designed to support companies who undergo market oriented adjustments . The program supports and relieves organizations with the need for a quick and efficient implementation of human resource decisions based on the current economic climate. With the Career Booster we focus on the systematic gain in attractiveness by affected employees. We make them fit for the job market and increase their chances in the competition for exciting job opportunities.

Process Career Booster

Personality- and Skill-Check

Target- and Method-Check

More information about our “Career Booster” program (German) : “Aufhebung Mindestkurs – „katastrophale Folgen für Volkswirtschaft und Arbeitsplätze?“ 


Our coaches combine a business background with psychological expertise. Diversity in our teams guarantees a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.


Due to our extensive coaching experience in demanding situations, we can offer our customers a unique value.

All our coaches have international experience, bring valuable insights from executive positions and entrepreneurial functions and bring result oriented sparring qualities to the table.


We approach people with forthrightness and respect. Our central values are fairness and equality, everyone is treated with the same openness and you will never be in the dark with us. An honest and fair feedback crowns every counseling.

New- / Outplacement and Personal Assessment

Level Consulting has extensive experience in accompanying managers and specialists in a phase of reorientation and offers a unique portfolio of goal oriented services and tools. The service packages are custom designed.

7 Phases to a successful new start

Welcome Check-In
Goal setting
Market research
New beginning
Welcome Check InRefelection – Honest self assessment
AnalysisPersonal assessment and getting to understand the job market
Goal settingTransform self management
Market researchLearn effective job application skills and apply these
InterviewConvincing presentation / Professional appearance
DecisionPersonal and convinced decision
New beginningEffective new start, successful integration

Personal Assessment

Career Cycle Management is a central element of corporate governance. It is also the responsibility of every single person. Before you set off on a trip, you need to know where you are going to. In every exemplary career there are markers and intersections that require a decision. During these critical times, decision making skills and active action are required. Level Consulting supports companies and staff who find themselves in professional dead-ends, in flux or in the search for new roles.

With a structured procedure and scientifically tested instruments, we always keep an eye on the target and are transparent for our clients at all times.


  • Corporate analysis
  • Determination of the relevant factors for success
  • Strategic success portfolio


  • Definition of the search strategy
  • Research
  • Insertion
  • Contacts


  • Pre-selection
  • Longlist
  • Interviews
  • Overview
  • Recommendation


  • Candidate presentation
  • Clarification of references
  • Assessments
  • Employment decision


  • Feedback talks
  • Verification of success

Summary of the essentials:

Details on the process:


In the scope of a confidential, bilateral meeting, the relevant factors for success for the positions to be filled are determined based on the corporate objectives. In addition to the required competences, knowledge and experience, psychological requirements (“soft factors”) are recorded that are illustrated in a personality profile. The basis for this is comprehensive understanding of corporate culture and its strategic alignment and deeper industry know-how of the consultant. The strategic profile of success developed in detail ensures a mutual understanding of the vacancy for which a person is to be recruited and permits target-oriented, effective and efficient procedures. Since all consultants at Level Consulting AG work in a very team- and network-oriented manner, the high quality of search processes can be warranted at all times.


A wide-spread network in the different industries and a research team working with great routine and target-orientation permit quick identification of potential candidates. The search strategy with individual market processing instruments is individually coordinated with your needs. In addition to research in our databases, insertion and direct contacts, user of new media as well as innovative web-based approaches are important components in gaining best candidates for the vacant job. 


With well-founded knowledge of the human nature and the scientifically tried and tested assessment competence according to a matching forecast between success profile and personality profile, clear recommendations can be made on the candidate’s fit. The indicative overall dossier contains not only an overview of the most important information but also all the relevant documents of the applicant. It is submitted to the customer to prepare for the candidate presentation.


The most promising candidates are introduced to the customer in an interview moderated by the consultant. Candidates are shortlisted in coordination with the consultant, with comprehensive reference clarification and additional assessments being permitted. Until the decision has been definitely reached and the contract has subsequently been signed, the consultant engages in close exchange of information with the parties involved.


The knowledge from the selection procedure permits us to actively support our customers in best integration of the new employee even after the decision to employ him. Our practical support ensures that the onboarding process has a positive result and the ability to perform pays off as quickly as possible. Other follow-up discussions after several months are important for quality assurance and can generate true added value for the customer as well.

Knowledge and successful use of the different search channels forms the basis for identification and contacting of the most suitable persons. The best mix of the individual search instruments varies from case to case. Based on a mutually defined profile of success for the job to be filled, we will develop a customised search strategy for you that combines individual search instruments and ensures that the right persons are reached quickly: 

Social Media

The new media are an essential part of modern recruiting. Targeted and professional deployment requires deep knowledge and remaining continually up to date with the rapid development. For many years, we have been tracking development at the first front. We know the trends and market development first-hand. This applies to the area of identification of potential candidates as well as to the viral distribution of ‘job opportunities’.

Direct Contact

In addition to social media, we also use target company lists, databases and personal networks to identify potential candidates. In any case, however, well-founded industry or market knowledge is required to identify the right personalities, contact and win them for you. Again, it is very important to coordinate closely with the customer. 

Print and Online Media

Even though they have long been declared dead, print and in particular online advertisements are still an important column of search. After all, they permit wide-spread market access and thus contacting many different target groups. In this context, it is important to identify the right platforms from the variety of possibilities. Additionally, the advertising text is to convey a realistic image of the requirements and actively sell the company and the vacancy. 

Databases and Personal Networks

A comprehensive database and our personal, industry-specific networks offer you another direct, quick access opportunity for the market and thus to potential candidates. This permits us to reach persons who are not actively aligned with the market as well.

Network IIC Partners

By association with the globally acting network of IIC Partners, we are able to identify and contact the right people internally as well.

Supported on our basic understanding of ourselves as a provider of solutions, we support you with solutions through all hierarchy levels :

Board of directors

Top Management

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Company manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Operations Director
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head of marketing
  • Head Human Resources

Middle Management

  • Head of constructions
  • Head of Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Director
  • System Engineer
  • Head of Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Director


  • System Engineer
  • Project manager exhaust after-treatment
  • HLK expert
  • Paint engineer
  • SAP developer
  • Product Manager

In more than 20 years, we have acquired comprehensive experience in many industries and developed wide-spread networks:

Top Management
Middle Management
  • Healthcare & life science
  • Financial services & insurances
  • Public sector & non-profit organisations
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Energy & industry
  • Building & real estate
  • Consumer goods & retail
  • Service providers & trading companies
  • Transport & logistics

We were permitted to fill the following national and international positions to the complete satisfaction of our clients already (excerpt):

Top Management

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Head Human Resources
  • Real estate director
  • Group Compliance Officer

Middle Management

  • Head of Reporting & Accounting
  • Account Executive
  • Manager Sales
  • Head of Controlling
  • Head of the department of safety,
  • health and environment
  • Head of services
  • Key Account Manager


  • Senior Consultant Banking
  • VAT Expert
  • System Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Paint engineer

Non-profit organisations

  • Secretary general
  • Administrative director
  • Department manager, presidium
  • Health care director
  • Association manager
  • Programme manager
  • Fundraiser

For reasons of confidentiality, we do not name our clients here.

We will gladly disclose further credentials on request.

Managers need professional partners with whom they can discuss a manifold of themes. Qualified partners and the external viewpoint are difficult to find. We bring our experience to support you, help get to the core of a situation, to reflect and develop the right strategy. Our coaching approach orients itself to the current situation and the desired outcome. We support executives in analyzing the situation, developing action points and achieving a positive perception on key questions.


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