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Knowledge and successful use of the different search channels forms the basis for identification and contacting of the most suitable persons. The best mix of the individual search instruments varies from case to case. Based on a mutually defined profile of success for the job to be filled, we will develop a customised search strategy for you that combines individual search instruments and ensures that the right persons are reached quickly: 

Social Media

The new media are an essential part of modern recruiting. Targeted and professional deployment requires deep knowledge and remaining continually up to date with the rapid development. For many years, we have been tracking development at the first front. We know the trends and market development first-hand. This applies to the area of identification of potential candidates as well as to the viral distribution of ‘job opportunities’.

Direct Contact

In addition to social media, we also use target company lists, databases and personal networks to identify potential candidates. In any case, however, well-founded industry or market knowledge is required to identify the right personalities, contact and win them for you. Again, it is very important to coordinate closely with the customer. 

Print and Online Media

Even though they have long been declared dead, print and in particular online advertisements are still an important column of search. After all, they permit wide-spread market access and thus contacting many different target groups. In this context, it is important to identify the right platforms from the variety of possibilities. Additionally, the advertising text is to convey a realistic image of the requirements and actively sell the company and the vacancy. 

Databases and Personal Networks

A comprehensive database and our personal, industry-specific networks offer you another direct, quick access opportunity for the market and thus to potential candidates. This permits us to reach persons who are not actively aligned with the market as well.

Network IIC Partners

By association with the globally acting network of IIC Partners, we are able to identify and contact the right people internally as well.

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