Content - Our New-/Outplacement and Personal Assessment

New- / Outplacement and Personal Assessment

Level Consulting has extensive experience in accompanying managers and specialists in a phase of reorientation and offers a unique portfolio of goal oriented services and tools. The service packages are custom designed.

7 Phases to a successful new start

Welcome Check InRefelection - Honest self assessment
AnalysisPersonal assessment and getting to understand the job market
Goal settingTransform self management
Market researchLearn effective job application skills and apply these
InterviewConvincing presentation / Professional appearance
DecisionPersonal and convinced decision
New beginningEffective new start, successful integration

Personal Assessment

Career Cycle Management is a central element of corporate governance. It is also the responsibility of every single person. Before you set off on a trip, you need to know where you are going to. In every exemplary career there are markers and intersections that require a decision. During these critical times, decision making skills and active action are required. Level Consulting supports companies and staff who find themselves in professional dead-ends, in flux or in the search for new roles.